Dollhouse theme song
  Jonatha Brooke - What You Don't Know

What you don't know wont hurt you.
Maybe their lies are true.
Try and remember, try to forget those yesterdays beatings too.

You'll never see me coming.
You'll never know my name.
Try to remember try to forget but you'll never be the same.

I can do anything
I can go anywhere
I can be anything
For anyone
I can do anything (just let me sleep for a little while)
I can go anywhere (just wanna sleep for a little while)
I can be anything (Just wanna sleep for a little while...)
For anyone

I'm already going.
I'm already gone
There's a stranger in my place
You'll never find me
But I'll get along
Cause the angels know my face.

Só conhecendo a série se consegue entender o porquê desta música ser perfeita. E isto resume um pouco da minha vida actual. Aquilo que não sabemos não nos magoa «3

I love Eliza Dushku!

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